Top 10 Tricks To Book Cheap Flight Tickets

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  1. Book Early – You need to identify that sweet spot when the prices get reasonable and hit that accordingly. Generally, booking 2 to 3 months before your journey proves to be the best.
  2. Be Flexible – Be flexible with the travel dates, so that you can choose the cheap flights.
  3. Choose Budget Airlines– There are lot of low cost airlines ( budget airlines) you will fine the prices little cheaper on LCC
  4. Use Incognito Browser – Use a private window in a browser ( incognito mode) so that you can avoid cookies from the booking website and you can get the best prices.
  5. Try Alternative Routes – Search flights using different routes, you will see the different prices on a different routes. so that you can choose cheap options.
  6. Frequent flyer numbers & Miles – use frequent flyer number or miles to save on flight booking.
  7. Choose Cheaper Destinations – Choose cheaper travel destinations.
  8. Compare Flights – Always compare the deals with other airlines.
  9. Search ticket for single person – Always search the flight ticket for single person.
  10. Time to Travel – Don’t choose morning flights if not necessary, night flights are generally cheaper.